'it feels like one of those nights…'

"I love you." 

The moment probably should be more planned, more extraordinary, but that’s the thing about Dan; he never makes a big deal out of anything. That’s why it’s just another weekend night in with Skyrim and Chinese takeout when he says it.

His mouth brushes by your ear while he whispers the words, you can feel his warm hand on your waist, and your fingers slow to a halt; the game controller slowly slides out of your grasp. You look over at him, your eyes widening and your stomach doing flips. He stares back at you, perhaps nervously waiting to see how you’ll react to the three words that mean so much. His face is cast in shadow because the room is dark other than the flickering television, but the soft curves of his features and the sweetness in his eyes is noticeable as always. You shift slightly on the couch, quickly losing interest in the game, and bite your lip apprehensively. This isn’t the first time someone’s said this to you, and that rushing, nervous, all too familiar feeling begins to return. It’s a good feeling; something you’ve not felt for a while.

"You… you do?" Dan’s mouth curves upward in a tiny smile, and he nods his head slightly. His hand moves to clutch onto yours, and he blinks several times.

"I do. I really do, _______." You barely register the sounds of the video game on the TV; more important things are at hand.

"I-I love you too." you murmur to him, leaning your forehead against his gently, closing your eyes. His hand rises to your cheek, and he takes in a breath. The moment is so sweet, so natural, and yet so notable and wonderful that you want to scream to the whole world and keep it all to yourself at exactly the same time. 
You think a kiss will ruin the moment, maybe turn it into something too cliche, but it doesn’t feel like that when his lips press delicately up against your cheek, and linger there while he holds you.

You run your hands up and down his forearms, unable to keep a smile from your face.

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