Are You Cold?

"Turn on the air!" You squeal as you slide into the back seat of the car, your face red and your teeth chattering from the London winter. 


"Alright, alright!" Phil scampers into the driver’s seat and jams the key into the ignition, furiously twisting dials and flipping switches on the dashboard. You shiver slightly, and look over as a shoulder bumps up against yours. Dan is calmly buckling himself into the seat next to you; their other friend Brian has taken the passenger chair. You rub your hands together, trying to warm them up as Phil turns out of the parking place, starting down the snow covered streets. He and Brian start up a quiet chatter, and Dan looks over at you, hunched over and shivering still.

"Are you cold, then?" he smiles, and you just glare at him. He chuckles, flicking your nose. 

"You’re adorable." He murmurs, snaking his arm around your shoulders and pulling you in. You lay your head on his shoulder gingerly, snuggling up to him and breathing in his warmth. His hand holds one of yours, and he plays with your fingers gently, his thumb tracing circles on your skin. You smile despite yourself, closing your eyes, starting to feel sleepy with the combined heat of the air conditioning and your boyfriend cuddled against you and the back and forth lull of the car on the road.

And your eyes blink sleepily open as you register that he’s saying your name softly in your ear. You shake your head slightly, looking at him.

"Here, we’re home." he whispers, reaching over you to unbuckle your seatbelt. You groan in frustration, something in your foggy brain refusing to get up. Instead you latch onto him, pushing him over amid Dan’s protests until you’re lying flat on the car seat. You hear him laugh softly and he seems to relax his body as if to say ‘oh well.’ You slip back into sleep.

And you wake up in bed, sunlight streaming weakly through the window.


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